Supercharge Your Lead Generation and Leave Competitors in the Dust with the Almighty AI-Powered Sales Android


Prepare to witness a lead generation revolution like no other! 


Introducing Sales Android, the AI-powered sales assistant that will make your competitors cower and have customers begging for more.


We all know the struggle of finding high-quality leads in the cutthroat business realm. It's like searching for unicorns in a sea of donkeys, while juggling flaming torches. Months are spent optimizing targeting and creatives, only to be disappointed by marketing sources that overpromise and underdeliver.


But fear not, for Sales Android is your secret weapon in the war for leads! Armed with the latest AI technology, Sales Android possesses the incredible ability to assess whether potential customers are a perfect match for your services. It engages them with a human-like touch, answering their questions and expertly guiding them through the sales journey.


With Sales Android by your side, prepare to unleash a lead generation frenzy that converts like wildfire! You'll attract leads so hot, they practically sizzle with desire to become loyal paying customers. And the best part? Sales Android is always on, ensuring you never miss a golden opportunity.


Say goodbye to lengthy lead ad forms that scare away prospects like startled squirrels. Our ingenious Sales Android is trained to ask the right qualifying questions, so you can keep it short and sweet. Remember, the more questions you bombard people with, the faster they'll sprint in the opposite direction. Nobody wants that!


Connecting a new lead to Sales Android is a breeze. Just provide a name and number, and watch as our Sales Android magically collects the rest of the data all by itself. Once the lead completes your form, they'll instantly receive an SMS, inviting them to dive into an AI-powered conversation that will leave them awestruck.


Ready to take your business to uncharted heights? Give Sales Android a spin and prepare to witness your competitors' jaws dropping in disbelief. Your clients will be left clamoring for more of your irresistible offerings, while your rivals scramble to catch up.


But that's not all! Let the results speak for themselves:


Bookings skyrocketed!


Our appointment confirmers were blessed with highly qualified leads from the get-go. 


And the cost to generate each lead plummeted like a falling star.


Picture this: 


Mr. Smith received a whopping 92 leads in a month. Before AI, those leads would have cost him a hefty £1,647.


But with our game-changing Sales Android, those same 92 leads cost him a mere £580. Talk about a jaw-dropping difference!


Curious about how it all works?


It's a breeze! Connect your Facebook lead ads or most traffic sources to our Sales Android CRM app, and witness the magic unfold. Sales Android swoops in, closes the prospect, handles objections, and qualifies them for your services. Alternatively, connect your database to revive those "dead" leads and untapped data. 


Sales Android can handle thousands of conversations simultaneously, no sweat.


But here's the kicker: Mr. Smith saw the problem and weighed his options. He could keep forking over extra cash on leads, making ad platforms richer while his own pockets grew thinner.


Or he could hire a salesperson, train them, and watch the costs pile up. But Mr. Smith wanted a superhero that could handle repetitive questions, adapt to any prospect, and work tirelessly 24/7


He needed a Sales Android.


And now, just like Mr. Smith, you can slash CPLs by a mind-blowing 65% while tripling lead quality. No need to spend countless hours figuring it all out or draining your wallet on developers. 

Our Sales Android puts the power in your hands, ready to revolutionize your sales game.


So why wait? Unleash the unstoppable force of AI in your business today and leave your competitors eating your digital dust. With our Sales Android and a sprinkle of your unique charm, success is just a chat away!


** Swiftly overcome technical headaches with access to our Sales Android support that can quickly resolve the programming of your bot if there is ever any issues… it’s rare but it can happen.**


If you would like to change the programming of the bot, you get 3 revisions per month and we do it all for you!


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Individual Offer: Our product comes with a one-time setup fee of £497 and a monthly fee of £397. First payment will be £894 then £397 every month after. You have the flexibility to cancel anytime.


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